Saturday, January 9, 2010

Cell TV Phone Is It Fun

At the time of launch of Cell TV Phone many users were not assured about quality and usability of cell TV phone. Costumers who experienced the benefit of this amazing new technology which enable you to watch TV On your windows based cell phone device testifies the quality and viewing pleasure is unique.
One can buy a new mobile phone from any of the leading company with mobitv technology built in to. Users of these new phone have to pay monthly fees of around 10$ to view few of the channels available . But if a costumer is more interested in maximum value for their money Mbile tv pro is a good option for them . Good news about mbiletvpro is that there is no monthly fee. Only one time licensing fee of less than 50$ for two devices.
It is very easy to convert a cell phone device to Cell tv phone using mobiletvpro . Even thou the expense for converting your existing windows phone in to Cell tv phone is very low quality and viewing pleasure is that of a real HD TV mobile . More than 200 channels are available world wide.
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Is it Good Idea to have Cell TV Phone yourself